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Case Studies of States' Liberalization Experiences



The fifth Worldwide Air Transport Conference (ATConf/5) concluded that "a case study approach to liberalization experiences, while of necessity limited in scope, provides a suitable vehicle for the analysis and dissemination of information on such experiences of States at a national, sub-regional, regional or plurilateral level" and "case studies on liberalization may assist States to further develop their liberalization approaches and policy options". The Conference called on both ICAO and Contracting States to develop case studies and for States to submit their case studies to ICAO for general dissemination.



What is in this database?


The case studies presented in this database have been prepared by the ICAO Secretariat States and other organizations. Some of the case studies were drawn from documentation submitted to ATConf/5. Such studies only reflect the work of the ICAO Secretariat and do not constitute an assessment or the expression of view by ICAO.
This database will continue to be developed and updated along with the evolution of international air transport regulation and as information becomes available.

What States can do?
States and other interested parties are encouraged to submit case studies. Studies may cover such topics as the liberalization of bilateral air services agreements, regional and plurilateral liberalization arrangements, national liberalization policies, privatization of national airlines, sustainability and assurance of services in a liberalized market, policies on airline alliances and mergers, and policies to ensure fair competition.
Case studies submitted to the ICAO Secretariat ( should be reasonably brief (executive summaries, if necessary) — some suggested guidelines as to topics, length and structure of studies are attached herewith. Case studies that have already been prepared or are in another format would still be welcome. The suggested guidelines are simply to assist users for purposes of readability. Case studies will be posted in the language(s) in which they are submitted to ICAO.
ICAO welcomes feedback from national authorities and other users including comments on the value, usefulness and presentations included in this database of case studies.



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