Economic Regulation - Databases and Studies

Case Studies of States' Liberalization Experiences

General Guidelines for Case Study Preparation and Submission

1. Topics:Case studies on all areas related to liberalization of economic regulation are invited. Relevant topics to be covered may include, but are not limited to, liberalization of bilateral air services agreements, regional and plurilateral liberalization arrangements, national liberalization policies, privatization of national airlines, sustainability and assurance of services in a liberalized market, policies on airline alliances and mergers, and policies to ensure fair competition. Since the coverage is very broad, it is suggested that a case study concentrates on a specific topic or interrelated topics, to the extent possible.
2. Length:For the purposes of readability and presentation in the publicly accessible ICAO data bank, a suggested case study approach would be to "package" the salient points into an "executive summary" form, instead of providing detailed or comprehensive analysis. It is therefore suggested that each case study be limited to approximately one page . If necessary, a separate appendix including charts, tables and supplementary material may be attached.
3. Structure:In order to maintain some consistency in the format, a case study could be structured around three components: Background; Liberalization of regulatory framework; and Effects and developments. The Background would give a brief description of pre-liberalized regulatory schemes and market situations. The Liberalization of regulatory framework would summarize the chronology and scope of liberalization that a State(s) implemented. The Effects and developments section would provide an overview of the main changes in key elements (such as traffic and competition) since the liberalization was instituted, as well as airlines' responses to the liberalized circumstances. In this third section, analytical viewpoints on some ongoing consequences of that particular liberalization (both positive and negative aspects) could also be included.
4. Submission:For purposes of posting case studies in the data base on the ICAO Web site, they should be submitted in at least one of the official ICAO languages. Any data base material received will be made available only in the ICAO language or languages in which it is submitted. In order to attribute the source of the case study (for example, government authority, consultant, private institution or organization) for posting on the Web site, the source should be identified when submitting the material.


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