Implementation Package (iPack)

In light of the unprecedented impact COVID-19 is inflicting on the air transport industry, ICAO’s coordinated response in supporting Member States in their implementation efforts regarding recovery and preparedness for a Public Health Event of International Concern (PHEIC) is critical.


The support ICAO is providing to Member States addresses the various needs to cope with the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in regard to the movement of goods and health of passengers. This includes aspects related to public health-related measures, facilitation and aviation security, aviation safety (e.g. management of temporary regulatory alleviations), risk management, and air transport and economics. The support will be provided through Implementation Packages (iPack).


What is an Implementation Package (iPack)?


An iPack is a bundle of standardized guidance material, training, tools and expert support which aim to facilitate and guide the implementation of ICAO provisions for State entities (e.g. Governments, Civil Aviation Authorities, National Air Transport Facilitation Committees...), aviation service providers, supply chain stakeholders and their personnel. An iPack is intended to be a self-contained package composed of the relevant:


  • guidance material, including ICAO Annexes, Documents, Circulars, best-practices papers or other associated guidance material;
  • standardized training, including standardized and competency-based trainings, in classroom, online or virtual formats;
  • tools, including data-driven applications, online reporting systems, electronic management systems or questionnaire/surveys;
  • subject matter expertise, including the provision of experts to support States in their activities; and
  • guidance for procurement, with regards to the purchase of infrastructure or equipment.


iPacks are developed and implemented in full alignment with the measures and recommendations contained in the Council Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART) Report and are a key element for their implementation.


Outcome of an iPack:

ICAO’s role in supporting Member States in their efforts to implement relevant SARPs and up-to-date guidance material is paramount. As such, iPacks are intended to:


  • Ensure States’ COVID-19 implementation activities are aligned with the measures and recommendations contained in the CART Report and the most up-to-date ICAO provisions leading them to enhance their safety, air navigation, aviation security/facilitation or economic development actions in the most seamless and efficient manner and are in line with international and national requirements and guidance related to public health;
  • Ensure States’ COVID-19 implementation activities, although flexible, facilitate mutual acceptance by other States; and
  • Support States in their aviation restart, recovery and resilience efforts and their re-engagement with their aviation industry.


iPacks Available (Download brochure)

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Annual Report



Learn more about iPacks


A webinar was conducted on 5 August 2020 to provide additional information about the iPacks. Please click here to view the complete recording of the iPack webinar.


Sponsoring Opportunities for iPacks


The iPack initiative has been well received and over USD 2.4 million in funding were provided by individual ICAO Member States and development banks. Through your contribution you can make a difference in neighbouring countries or countries with whom you have close ties based on culture, trade or tourism.


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