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Global Market-based Measures (GMBM) Scheme


Since the 38th Session of the Assembly, the Organization has actively engaged with its Member States and relevant international organizations in the development of a GMBM scheme. To this end, the Environment Advisory Group (EAG), composed of 17 Council Representatives and the aviation industry, continued to oversee the work related to the development of a GMBM scheme and to make recommendations to the Council.


The EAG met six times during 2015, and draft recommendations by CAEP were discussed on Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV), Emissions Unit Criteria (EUC) and registries, as well as the results of CAEP technical analyses on various approaches for distribution of obligations under a GMBM scheme. The CAEP’s work on future emissions trends and alternative fuels also supported the development of design elements for a GMBM scheme.


Information on the Secretariat work to develop methodologies for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) for aviation was also reviewed.


Global Aviation Dialogues (GLADs)


As a means to ensure the full engagement of States and other stakeholders and the widest possible range of inputs, ICAO conducted the first round of Global Aviation Dialogues (GLADs) in April in five venues across the ICAO regions.


The GLADs were held in response to the request made by the 38th Session of the Assembly to organize seminars and workshops on a global scheme for international aviation, bringing all States up to speed on the matter to allow for well-informed deliberations. The GLADs also helped to reach out to those States that were not directly engaged in the Council, EAG or CAEP in order to facilitate information and engagement.


A total of 362 participants from 79 States and 22 international organizations participated in the first round of GLADs. The format of the GLADs received positive feedback from the participants and supported the engagement and active exchanges of views among participants.

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