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States’ Action Plans


With the support of ICAO, as of the end of 2015, 86 States representing more than 88 per cent of global international aviation traffic submitted action plans. Among these, 24 States have provided an update to their initial action plan submission.


In moving forward to reach out to other States that require support in the development and implementation of their action plans, States with knowledge and experience in the field were encouraged to take the lead in building “buddy” partnerships. A template was developed for possible use by States to facilitate the establishment of such buddy partnerships with other States.


The Secretariat continued to directly contact national action plan focal points to assist in developing and updating action plans.


Guidance Material Update


ICAO updated the Guidance on the Development of States’ Action Plans on CO2 Emissions Reduction Activities
(Doc 9988) including the incorporation of ‘rules of thumb’. These provide States with simplified methodologies for the calculation of emission reductions resulting from the mitigation measures included in their action plans, thus supporting their quantification activities.


Regional Seminars


In response to the request by the 38th Session of the ICAO Assembly to organize seminars to provide Member States with practical, hands-on assistance in developing and updating their voluntary action plans on aviation CO2 emissions reduction activities, three seminars were held during 2015. The material provided in each seminar is made available on the ICAO action plan website.

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