2015 Global Aviation Dialogues (GLADs)

ICAO's Global Aviation Dialogues (GLADs) on market-based measures to address climate change (five regions, April 2015)

April 2015
Lima; Nairobi; Cairo; Singapore; Madrid
Please refer to the individual meeting pages, as listed below.
Participation is by invitation only. Credentials will be required to confirm registration.
The ICAO Assembly, through Resolution A38-18, agreed to develop a global market-based measure (MBM) scheme for international aviation and also requested the Council to organize seminars and workshops on a global scheme for international aviation. Thus, the objectives of the GLADs are to:
  • share information regarding MBMs and their role in a basket of measures adopted to address CO2 emissions from international aviation;
  • provide up-to-date information on the work of ICAO on the development of a global MBM scheme;
  • serve as an opportunity to receive feedback from Member States and relevant organizations on the development of the global MBM scheme.


Provisional agenda
A common agenda with location-specific details is available on the individual meeting pages listed below. Please check frequently for updates to the agenda.
The format of the GLADs
The GLADs are planned in a format that facilitates the sharing of information and encourages the engagement of participants in discussion. The two-day meeting is planned with an initial sequence of presentations (four) that will bring all participants to a common level of understanding on the subject matter, and provide an update on the latest developments in ICAO. Each presentation will be followed by a dedicated time for Q&As where clarifications and further information can be sought. These general presentations will be followed by an update from the aviation industry. The next part of the meeting is dedicated to two thematic dialogues. Participants will be assigned to a discussion group. During the dialogue phase, groups will meet to address specific questions with the support of an assigned facilitator. Each group will assign a speaker, ideally a State participant not represented in the EAG or Council. There will be two hours for deliberations after which all participants will reconvene in plenary to share the highlights of their groups' discussion. Each speaker will be given approximately three minutes to deliver the group's summary. The last part of the meeting will be an interactive discussion with a Panel formed by representatives from States, regional bodies and international organizations. Each Panel participant will be asked an initial question and meeting participants will be able to ask further questions related to the items under discussion.
Preparing for the GLADs
In order to help all participants familiarize themselves with the subject matter and enable them to contribute more effectively in the GLADs, relevant ICAO reference materials are being published on this website. These materials include background documents as well as an annotated agenda. Please refer periodically to this website for reference materials as they become available.

 List of Meetings

​Meeting ​Site ​Duration
​Americas ​Lima, Peru ​9 to 10 April 2015
​Africa ​Nairobi, Kenya ​14 to 15 April 2015
​Middle East ​Cairo, Egypt ​20 to 21 April 2015
​Asia Pacific ​Singapore ​23 to 24 April 2015
​Europe and North Atlantic Madrid, Spain ​27 to 28 April 2015

 Further Information

The information on this page and on the pages for the individual GLADs listed above will be regularly updated. Please check back frequently.
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