Strategic Objective A – Safety – Monitoring and Assistance Review Board


Safety Management

Runway and Aerodrome Safety

Operational and On-board Safety

Accident Investigation

Safety Audits

Monitoring and Assistance Review Board


Regional Safety Coordination

Technical Cooperation and Assistance Projects

Other Safety Initiatives

Air Navigation Capacity and Efficiency

Performance-based Navigation

Air Traffic Management: Airspace


Aviation Frequency Spectrum

Collaborative Arrangement for the Prevention and Management of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation

Emergency Response



Monitoring and Assistance Review Board (MARB)


In December 2011, the Secretary General established the Monitoring and Assistance Review Board (MARB) to provide senior management oversight and direction to ICAO monitoring and assistance activities conducted in States referred for safety and/or security reasons. For the purposes of the MARB, monitoring refers to both auditing and continuous monitoring activities, while assistance refers to both technical assistance and technical cooperation activities.


The MARB held three meetings in 2013 and, at the time of reporting to the 200th Session of the Council, a total of 18 States had been referred to the Board. The MARB is chaired by the Secretary General and includes the Directors of the Air Navigation, Air Transport and Technical Cooperation Bureaus, as well as the participation of ICAO Regional Directors.


The MARB develops and promotes the implementation of high-level strategies designed to coordinate monitoring and assistance activities in States with significant safety or security concerns, in States not participating in ICAO’s audit and monitoring processes, and in States not fulfilling their commitments regarding the implementation of their corrective action plans.

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