Strategic Objective A – Safety – Accident Investigation


Safety Management

Runway and Aerodrome Safety

Operational and On-board Safety

Accident Investigation

Safety Audits

Monitoring and Assistance Review Board


Regional Safety Coordination

Technical Cooperation and Assistance Projects

Other Safety Initiatives

Air Navigation Capacity and Efficiency

Performance-based Navigation

Air Traffic Management: Airspace


Aviation Frequency Spectrum

Collaborative Arrangement for the Prevention and Management of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation

Emergency Response



Accident Investigation


ICAO Policy on Family Assistance and Manual on Assistance to Aircraft Accident Victims and their Families (Doc 9973)


Acknowledging that further action was necessary to promote assistance to aircraft accident victims and their families, the Council approved in March an ICAO Policy on Assistance to Aircraft Accident Victims and their Families (Doc 9998). The document provides a strategic approach for family assistance matters, addressing relevant States’ legislation, regulations and policies, structure of family assistance plans, and identifies the main groups of family assistance providers.   


To assist States in implementing family assistance policies, a new ICAO Manual on Assistance to Aircraft Accident Victims and their Families (Doc 9973) was published in December. The objective of this document is to provide guidance on the types of family assistance that may be provided to victims and their families and the avenues available for providing such assistance. It aims to better prepare all parties involved, to facilitate the coordination between them and to describe the scope of their involvement. This document also addresses the establishment of appropriate legislation, regulations, and/or policies by States and their air operators in order to support accident victims and their families.

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