​Thirty Second Pan America — Regional Aviation Safety Team Meeting

(PA-RAST/32) of the Regional Aviation Safety Group — Pan America (RASG-PA)

Ottawa, Canada, 8 to 10 May 2018



​Invitation Letter
​Registration Form--​
​Group Photo​ ​
Final Report--​



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WP/01​1 Approval of the Provisional Agenda​ , Presented by the Secretariat  03/05/18
​WP/02​2​Review of PA-RAST Action Items and other RASG-PA related conclusions, Presented by the Secretariat ​03/05/18--​


 Information Papers

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​--​List of Working, Information Papers and Presentations ,                Presented by the Secretariat 08/05/18​--
IP/022​ RASG-PA and GREPECAS coordination activities​, Presented by the Secretariat 25/04/18
IP/03​2 GREPECAS Meeting Report​, Presented by the Secretariat                         25/04/18
IP/04​2 Proposal of a Standard Project Methodology for RASG-PA​, Presented by the Secretariat          25/04/18--
​IP/058​Transfer of the administration of the RASGPA website, Presented by the Secretariat


​IP/068​Rotation of the RASG-PA and GREPECAS Secretariat, Presented by the Secretariat07/05/18​​--
​IP/073​​Summary of the last PASOC activities, Presented by PASOC07/05/18​--
​IP/083​​Runway Safety Team implementation in AICM, Presented by México07/05/18​--



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​3​To regulate or not to regulate, Presented by Canada07/05/18​--
​P/023​State Safety Partnerships  -  UK Operations in Caribbean Region, Presented by United Kingdom08/05/18--​
​P/035​​Mid-Air Collision Survey Preliminary Outcome,Presented by MAC Group09/05/18​--​


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