​Eighth Eastern Caribbean Network Technical Group (E/CAR/NTG/8)

and Sixth Eastern Caribbean Radar Data Sharing Ad hoc Group (E/CAR/RD/6) Meetings

Saint George’s, Grenada, 3 - 5 September 2018


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​Registration Forms​--
​Draft Report​--
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​Final Report


Order of Business 

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OB/01​--​Order of Business No. 1 , Presented by the Secretariat03/09/18​--
OB/02​--​Order of Business No. 2 , Presented by the Secretariat04/09/18​--
OB/03​--​Order of Business No. 3 , Presented by the Secretariat05/09/18--​

Working Papers

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​Provisional Agenda and Schedule of the Eighth Eastern Caribbean Network Technical Group (E/CAR/NTG/8) and Sixth Eastern Caribbean Radar Data Sharing Ad Hoc Group (E/CAR/RD/6) Meetings, Presented by the E/CAR/NTG Rapporteur​03/09/18​--
​WP/022.1​Follow-up on previous E/CAR/NTG-RDS Conclusions and Decisions, Presented by the E/CAR/CATG Rapporteur17/08/18​--
​WP/03​2Review of Valid Conclusions from E/CAR/NTG/7, E/CAR/RD/5, and NACC/WG/5 Meetings Related to the Work of the NTG and RD, Presented by the Secretariat.​27/08/18​--
WP/044.2​​Surveillance Data Sharing Recommendations, 25/08/18​--
WP/05​​3​Network Performance and General Aspects, Presented by ECCAA.28/08/18​--
​WP/06​3​General Feedback of the FWI, Presented by SNA-AG France28/08/18​--
WP/07​--​C A N C E L L E D ​--​--​--
WP/084.2​​Recommendations for ADS-B Implementation, Presented by the Secretariat.31/08/18--​
WP/09​​4.1​Review of Surveillance Sharing Letters of Agreement (LOAS)/Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs): Barbados, France, Sint Maarten and Trinidad And Tobago, Presented by the E/CAR/CATG Rapporteur.​17/08/18​--
WP/107​Consideration for AIDC/ASIA PAC and NAM/ICD Implementation, Presented by the Secretariat.30/08/18--​
​WP/11​4.2​Modernization of The FWI ATM System, Presented by France.​17/08/18​--
​WP/124.2​​Surveillance Sharing Update: Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados,
Sint Maarten and Trinidad and Tobago, Presented by Trinidad and Tobago.
​WP/13​4.3​Surveillance/ADS-B/MLAT Developments/Updates, Presented by Barbados​28/08/18​--
​WP/146​​E/CAR/NTG Future Meeting and Update to its Terms of Reference and RD Ad hoc Group´s Tasks, Presented by the E/CAR/CATG Rapporteur.​30/08/18​--
WP/15​​7​Performance Based Communications and Surveillance (PBCS), Presented by the Secretariat.​30/08/18​--
​WP/16​5.1​Definition of Technical Requirements and Proposal, Presented by the E/CAR/CATG Rapporteur.​17/08/18​--
WP/17​7​Additional Communications Requirements for AIM/SWIM Implementation, Presented by the Secretariat.30/08/18​--
WP/18​3​Update on E/CAR AFS Network Interconnection to the Meva Network, Presented by United States.


WP/19​4.2​Surveillance ADS-B Update: Antigua, Presented by Antigua and Barbuda30/08/08​--
WP/20​7.3​AIDC/ASIA APAC and NAM/ICD Implementation (Flight Plan errors), Presented by the Secretariat.04/09/18​--



Information Papers

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IP/01​--​List of Working, information Papers and presentations, Presented by the Secretariat.04/09/18--​



Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) out:
Equipage Data for States in the Region, Presented by United States
IP/034​Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) out:
Ensuring Preparedness for the 2020 Equipage Mandate, Presented by United States.
IP/04​7​Effects of Hurricane Maria on SAN JUAN, PR. MEVA, Presented by United States.03/09/18--​


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Network Performance analysis and general aspects, Presented by Trinidad and Tobago.​--​--
​P/025.2​​Radar Data Display Project - Air Situational Awareness, Presented by Thales--​​--
​P/035.2Frequentis, Presented by Frequentis--​--
P/04​​7.1​Emergency Thales support to SXM, Presented by Thales--​--​
​P/05​7.3​AIDC Implementation, Presented by the Secretariat.----​
​P/06​5.2Overview​, Presented by Leonardo Company.​----​

Overview (cont.)​, Presented by Leonardo Company.





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