Air Navigation Services (ANS) / Air Traffic Services (ATS) Safety Inspector Workshop

ICAO NACC Regional Office, Mexico City, Mexico, 20 to 24 February 2017



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Participant Materials

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1. Agenda

2. Presentations

a. ANS/ATS Safety Inspector Workshop: Day 1
b. ANS/ATS Safety Inspector Workshop: Day 2
c. ANS/ATS Safety Inspector Workshop: Day 3
d. ANS/ATS Safety Inspector Workshop: Day 4
e. ANS/ATS Safety Inspector Workshop: Day 5

3. Activities

a. SWOT Analysis Game
i. SWOT Analysis Game Instructions
ii. CE-3 SWOT Analysis Worksheet
iii. CE-4 SWOT Analysis Worksheet
iv. CE-5 SWOT Analysis Worksheet
v. CE-6 SWOT Analysis Worksheet
vi. CE-8 SWOT Analysis Worksheet
vii. Start-Stop-Continue Activity Instructions
b. Mock Air Traffic Safety Audit
i. Mock Air Traffic Safety Audit Activity Instructions
ii. Audit Plan
iii. Audit Status Briefing
iv. Audit Checklist
v. Pre-Audit Briefing
vi. Directives
1. Audit 1_7110.65 3-9-8
2. Audit 2_7110.65 5-5
3. Audit 2_7110.65 5-9
4. Audit 3_3120.4N ch. 5
5. Audit 3_7110.65 2-6
6. Audit 3_7210.3Y 6-3-1
7. Audit 3_7210.3Y 10-3-1
8. Audit 4_8260.19G 2-6
9. Audit 5_7232.15 Appdx A
10. Audit 5_JC 7232.15 Appdx B+C
c. Self-Assessment and Action Plan
i. Self-Assessment and Action Plan Activity Instructions
ii. Self-Assessment Worksheet
iii. Air Traffic Safety Oversight Action Plan

4. References and Resources

a. Acronyms + Definitions
b. List of ICAO Reference Documents
c. FAA Order 1100.161 CHG 1
d. ICAO ANS Sample Regulation
e. Characteristics of Effective Regulators
f. FAA Order 7200.22
g. FAA Order 8000.90B
h. FAA Order 8000.365-SOCs
i. FAA Order 8000.373
j. FAA Order JO 1000.37A
k. FAA Order JO 7200.20
l. FAA Order JO 7210.632
m. FAA Order VS 8000.366
n. AOV ATCS Job Announcement 6-2015
o. CAA Botswana Inspector Job Announcement 6-2015
p. FAA Aviation Safety Workforce Plan FY2015
q. FAA AOV Safety Oversight Circular 07-01
r. FAA AOV Safety Oversight Circular 07-04
s. Safety Culture in ATM-A White Paper
t. Safety Culture Discussion Cards - ENGLISH
u. 10 Things You Should Know About Safety Management Systems
v. SM ICG How to Support a Successful SSP and SMS Implementation
w. SM ICG SMS Inspector Competency Guidance
x. SWOT Analysis Worksheet
y. The Baldrige Criteria 101
z. Model Air Traffic Safety Inspector Handbook
 i. Model ATSI Handbook_Feb 2017
ii. Appendix B MITRE CAASD Sample SMS Manual
iii. Appendix C – Safety Case Review Checklist
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