Implementation Support — Technical Cooperation and Assistance — Procurement of equipment and subcontracts

Procurement of equipment and subcontracts


A total of 300 purchase orders and subcontracts were issued for the field (290 under technical cooperation projects and 10 for technical assistance projects implemented by the Global Aviation Training Section and the Air Transport Bureau’s Environment Branch) with the total field procurement implementation amounting to USD 37.1 million, of which USD 414 000 was related to field procurements for projects managed by the Global Aviation Training Section. Assistance provided with respect to the upgrading of State civil aviation infrastructure included the development of technical specifications, the tendering and administering of complex multiphase turnkey contracts, and the commissioning of equipment. This had a direct and positive impact on the safety and security of airports and communications, environmental protection and air navigation infrastructure, primarily by enabling more efficient and economical aviation operations in the States and regions concerned. In particular, ICAO expertise ensured that technical specifications were in compliance with applicable Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and regional Air Navigation Plans (ANPs).


A further 1 180 purchase orders and subcontracts (including direct purchase orders) for CAD 14.45 million were issued by TCB and allotment holders covering the procurement of equipment and services for the ICAO Regular Programme. Major procurements included contracts/purchase orders for the provision of a new storage and server system for ICAO Headquarters and Regional Offices (CAD 2 017 176), the ICAO e-commerce platform Magento (CAD 394 234), paper and cardboard (CAD 350 000), comprehensive information security assessment services (CAD 318 605), a new conference monitoring and recording system (CAD 266 800) and catering services for various events organized by ICAO (CAD 380 468). In addition, various Long Term Agreements (LTAs) were developed for ICAO Headquarters including new LTAs for desktops, laptops and monitors, audio visual equipment (AVs) and photography services, among others.



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