Supporting Strategies — Finances — Revenue Generating Activities

Revenue Generating Activities


In 2019, Ancillary Revenue Generation Fund (ARGF) revenue-generating activities successfully met obligations to support contributions to the Regular Programme Budget and posts throughout the Organization.


Publications, Distribution and Printing: The sale of ICAO publications achieved the budgeted target. Overall, revenue from the sale of digital publications continued to grow, accounting for approximately 12% of publications sales in 2019. External sales for the Printing Section grew in 2019, despite a busy Assembly year. 


Periodicals: The Assembly publication “ICAO States Today” exceeded revenue projections; however, revenues from periodicals continued to decline in 2019. 


Events: Revenues and net surplus from events and symposia were ahead of budget in 2019. 


Licensing: Licensing revenue was on budget. However, expenses were less than budgeted, which resulted in additional revenue in this activity.


New Products: The budgeted target was not met; however publications such as the third edition of the World Civil Aviation Report exceeded sales projections. 


Marketing of ICAO Products and Services: Three hundred and sixty-nine SkyLive & SkyTalks videos generated 310 489 views and approximately 31 660 hours of watched content. Nine ICAO 2019 events were developed and used by over 1 900 participants. The new ICAO Instagram channel accumulated almost 14 000 followers in less than a year. A new digital platform for the sale and distribution of ICAO documents was successfully deployed. New tools available on the platform will assist in managing and protecting the intellectual property of the Organization. New regional resources were also engaged to better support revenue generation and the “No Country Left Behind” initiative.

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