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Aviation Partnerships for Sustainable Development — Conferences and Forums



2019 Transforming Transportation Conference


At the 2019 World Bank-led Transforming Transportation (TT) Conference (January 2019), SPCP successfully submitted a proposal to showcase the correlation between the aviation sector, innovation, new mobility and the SDGs. The TT19 session “Innovation in Aviation – Added Value for New Mobility” showcased how aviation advances and transforms mobility and impacts development thanks to state-of-the-art technology, innovative solutions as well as new emerging types of transportation in aviation. The session brought together States, UN, non-governmental think tanks and industry representatives to discuss innovations in aviation, from the use of drones today, to larger electric air mobility solutions of the future. It successfully illustrated the impact of aviation-related innovations on the SDGs, and its linkages with other sectors (trade; urban planning) as well as modes of transport and how this might change the overall mobility landscape.



2019 ATAG Sustainable Development Forum


During the 2019 Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) Sustainable Development Forum (May 2019) SPCP advocated aviation’s role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 and its SDGs. Transport systems are central to all aspects of our lives as they provide food security, healthcare, access to schools and employment for all. SPCP underscored the essential role aviation plays in the context of sustainable mobility alongside other modes of transport and how air transport contributes to transforming global mobility into an efficient, safe, green and universally accessible catalyst for social development.



2019 ICAO Global Aviation Cooperation Symposium


At the 2019 ICAO Global Aviation Cooperation Symposium, SPCP shaped a discussion on the vision of the future of aviation. It successfully showcased that the continuous growth of aviation, as an enabler of 15 of the 17 SDGs, will require the sector to embrace new technologies while continuing to be safe, secure, efficient, economically viable and environmentally responsible. SPCP raised awareness about the importance of global technical cooperation to address the gaps in complying with the ICAO SARPs, as they are the building blocks of a sustainable aviation sector. It advocated the benefits of a national aviation planning framework, which provides a means to prioritize and manage the future development of a State’s air transport system in a consistent and sustainable manner.

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