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Assessments of Training Organizations


Per the ICAO Civil Aviation Training Policy, the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme (TPP) recognizes training organizations through an assessment process. Upon application to the Programme, training organizations shall consequently be assessed by ICAO based on specific requirements of TPP (ICAO Annex 1, and
Doc. 9841/9941). Only training organizations compliant with such requirements shall be recognized as TPP Members.


TPP assessments provide a clear and independent view of a training organization’s operations, and highlight critical areas requiring improvements.


Number of Assessments





ICAO recognizes aviation training centres through TPP. The Programme is a global cooperative network of training centres and international institutions with the goal of improving the safety and efficiency of air transport through the establishment, maintenance and monitoring of high standards for training and competency of aviation personnel on a worldwide basis and in a cost-effective manner.



Training Competency Development


The ICAO Civil Aviation Training Policy emphasizes that competency-based training is the approach the Organization recommends for training aviation professionals. ICAO aviation training is standardized, based on the analysis of competencies, job-oriented and material-dependent.


The GAT Office continues to support training competency development among TPP Members. The following courses are developed by ICAO and/or TPP Members in collaboration with ICAO.



ICAO Training Packages (ITPs)


The CORSIA Verification Course ITP was developed in 2019. Additionally, the following ITPs were developed by Regional Training Centres of Excellence (RTCEs) in collaboration with ICAO:


  • Oversight of Aircraft Leasing Operations
  • Conducting a Technical Assistance Visit to CAPSCA Member States and Airports online course
  • Airport Landside Security
  • ICAO English Language Proficiency Interlocutor/Rater Initial Training



Standardized Training Packages (STPs)


27 new Standardized Training Packages (STPs) have been developed by TPP Members.



Partnership Training Packages (PTPs)


Three Partnership Training Packages (PTPs) have been developed by TPP Corporate Partners:


  • ACI/ICAO Implementing Annex 14 - Advanced Aerodrome Design and Operations (AADO)
  • ACI/ICAO Global Reporting Format (GRF) (online course)
  • Advanced Masters in Aviation Safety Management (ASM)


Training Programme Implementation


41 ICAO-recognized training packages were developed or updated in the ICAO training portfolio.


In 2019 6 450 trainees participated in ICAO online and classroom sessions delivered under the TPP framework.


Furthermore, sixty training sessions were delivered at ICAO HQ and Regional Offices for 1 000 trainees.



Post-Training Evaluation (PTE)


A post-training evaluation report to measure the effectiveness of ten ITPs and their impact on the subsequent performance of the trainees was implemented in 2018/2019. Data were collected from 42.34%, who attended 135 course deliveries during 2019. The analysis showed an 84% course effectiveness.



ICAO New Learning Management System (LMS)


A new LMS has been implemented to increase the GAT capacity for the development and delivery of all ICAO online courses.



Training Partnerships


In 2019, seven new partners joined the TPP to develop and deliver training activities:

    • European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL), for the development and delivery of a “Managing Security in ATM” Course.
    • Korea Aerospace University (KAU), for the delivery of the ICAO-University of Waterloo “Fundamentals of the Air Transport System” (FATS) and the ICAO Safety Management Training.
    • Transport Institute at the National University of San Martin, Argentina, on the development and delivery of a “Postgraduate Diploma in Air Transport Management” in Spanish;
    • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, on the development and delivery of a “Fundamentals of Cybersecurity for Aviation” Course;
    • ENAIRE, air navigation and aeronautical information service provider of Spain, on the joint delivery of a professional “Programme for Air Navigation Services Management”;
    • International Air Transport Association (IATA), on the development of an "Introduction to The Global Reporting Format (GRF) for Runway Surface Conditions for Aircraft Operators and Flight Crew"; and
    • The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA), on the development and delivery of a Safe Supply Chain Course



China Training Project


Under the umbrella of ICAO’s resource mobilization activities, the Government of the People’s Republic of China provided a grant of USD 2 million to develop and deliver the Civil Aviation Authority Senior and Middle Managers Training Course (CAA SMMTC) entitled Managing Compliance with ICAO SARPs. Since the project launch, 865 trainees from 124 States have benefited from this training.



Integration of GAT within the Technical Cooperation Bureau (TCB)


Further to the request of the ICAO Council, the former GAT Office, now the GAT Section, was integrated within the Technical Cooperation Bureau in late 2019. The GAT Section’s main mandate remains unchanged: training assessments, training design and development, training partnerships and training operations. Synergies with TCB will generate further efficiencies, as new training activities will be included in TCB projects.

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