Implementation Support — PIRGs and RASGs



The regional planning and implementation process, through the Planning and Implementation Regional Groups (PIRGs) and Regional Aviation Safety Groups (RASGs), is central to ICAO’s work programme relating to safety and air navigation.


In 2019, the Council approved the reporting structure as well as the updated Terms of Reference (TOR) for the PIRGs and RASGs to further enhance efficiency. At the 40th Assembly, Resolution A40-5: Regional implementation support mechanisms was adopted and called on PIRGs and RASGs to report on implementation progress as well as challenges experienced on an annual basis.


During 2019, the following PIRGs and RASGs and regional coordination meetings were conducted:


    • Fifty-fifth meeting of the North Atlantic Systems Planning Group (NATSPG/55)
    • Thirtieth meeting of the ASIA/Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group (APANPIRG/30) and the ninth meeting of the Regional Aviation Safety Group – Asia and Pacific Regions (RASG-APAC/9)
    • Seventeenth meeting of the Middle East Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group (MIDANPIRG/17) and the seventh meeting of the MID Regional Aviation Safety Group (RASG-MID/7)
    • ​First meeting of the European Aviation Systems Planning Group (EASPG/1)
    • Twenty-second meeting of the AFI Planning and Implementation Group (APIRG/22) and the fifth meeting of the AFI Regional Aviation Safety Group (RASG - AFI/5)
    • Fifth meeting of the GREPECAS Programmes and Projects Review Committee (PPRC/5)
    • ​First meeting of the Atlantic Coordination Group (ACM/1)


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