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Global Aviation Security Plan


Capability-enhancing initiatives in support of GASeP actions in 2019 have included aviation security-related events in each of the seven regions and the development and provision of analytical products to the Regional Offices. These include detailed information on progress in meeting the GASeP aspirational targets and highlighted region-wide challenges in successfully implementing aspects of Annex 17 – Security. The wide distribution of the ICAO Aviation Security Global Risk Context Statement (Doc 10108— Restricted) and presentations of the Risk Management Workshop in every region have greatly improved understanding of the risk methodology, threats and viable countermeasures, as well as the adoption of innovative approaches to mitigate risk. The provisions of workshops and supporting material on Security Culture and Insider Threat, which have been translated into the six official ICAO languages, have enabled States to better address gaps in those areas. Finally, ICAO Regional Offices (ROs) receive monthly updates on Universal Security Audit Programme-Continuous Monitoring Approach (USAP-CMA) results in order to identify specific focus areas within their regions and target assistance as appropriate.


To enhance awareness of the GASeP and support completing its Priority Actions and Tasks, a GASeP Group was established on the Secure Portal.


Developments pertaining to Annex 17 — Security and related guidance


Draft Amendment 17 was circulated to all Member States for consultation on 4 July 2019. It contains proposals intended to strengthen measures against insider threats, and includes new and/or revised provisions on background checks, vulnerability assessments, information sharing, and screening of persons other than passengers. The proposal was adopted by the 218th Session of the ICAO Council on 25 November 2019, and becomes applicable on 30 July 2020.


The Eleventh Edition of the ICAO Aviation Security Manual (Doc 8973 — Restricted), has been published in all languages. It incorporates new and updated guidance material in a number of areas.


Universal Security Audit Programme (USAP)


A total of 26 USAP Continuous Monitoring Approach (USAP-CMA) on-site and 4 documentation-based audits were conducted in 2019. In addition, an ICAO auditor participated in an Appropriate Authority Inspection conducted by a European Commission inspection team.


During 2019, three USAP-CMA seminar-workshops were conducted in Bangkok (Thailand), Lima (Peru) and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) in order to familiarize States with the USAP-CMA process and methodology and with the various types of audit and monitoring activities. The Riyadh seminar was generously sponsored by Saudi Arabia in support of the Cooperative Aviation Security Programme in the Middle East (CASP-MID). A USAP-CMA auditor training course was delivered in Douala (Cameroon) from 11 to 20 March 2019. Ten candidates, representing nine Member States and the ICAO MID Regional Office, successfully completed the training.


During 2019, 14 Significant Security Concerns (SSeCs) were identified in nine States. Of these, six SSeCs were addressed by the States, and one is still pending. Twenty unresolved SSeCs in seven States remain posted.


In 2019, the Secretariat continued the review of the USAP-CMA, its objective and methodology, in consultation with the Secretariat Study Group (SSG) on the USAP. This led to the development of a list of recommendations that were submitted for endorsement to the Thirtieth meeting of the Aviation Security Panel (AVSECP/30).


Based on the recommendations of the AVSEC Panel, the Council, during its 217th Session, approved the finalized list of 26 recommendations together with their expected benefits and impact assessment. These recommendations were further endorsed by the 40th Session of ICAO Assembly.


Cyber threats against civil aviation


The Secretariat Study Group on Cybersecurity (SSGC) Cybersecurity Strategy was approved by the Council during its 217th Session and proposed updates to Assembly Resolution A39-19.


The 40th Session of the ICAO Assembly approved the amendment of Assembly Resolution A39-19 Addressing Cybersecurity in Civil Aviation (A40-WP/28 refers) and calls upon States to implement the Cybersecurity Strategy.


AVSEC Week 2019


ICAO held its third annual Global Aviation Security Symposium (AVSEC2019) from 18 to 20 September 2019 at ICAO Headquarters in Montréal, Canada. This Symposium focused on international cooperation and collaboration to address the threat posed by terrorists targeting civil aviation by strengthening and promoting the international framework of aviation security.

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