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Medium Term ICT Strategy


The organization is on track with the implementation of its medium-term strategic plan. Recommendations were made during the course of the year to include considerations for a comprehensive outsourcing strategy as well as a Cloud Adoption Strategy in the medium-term.


The Cloud Adoption Strategy was presented and approved by the Information Management Committee (IMC), chaired by the Secretary General in 2019. Along with the Enterprise Architecture initiative launched during the year, it addresses the emerging need to have clear guiding principles while using or adopting cloud services. Three broad goals were laid out and addressed by the strategy:


        1. to help balance the sustainable supply of IT services with the demand for those services
        2. to manage the risks of cloud adoption consistently
        3. to prepare the business and IT workforce for cloud.


In 2019, IMC endorsed the Terms of References of the four ICT Groups:


  1.  Application Management Group - mandated to plan and implement Application Portfolio Management in order to reduce the complexity and cost of the Organization’s application portfolio; it will help to manage associated risks and align the portfolio with business challenges;

  3. Architecture Review Board - approved to define and apply Enterprise Architecture principles and practices to guide the Organization through the business, information, process, and technology changes necessary to execute ICAO’s business;

  5. Information Security Management Group – responsible to evaluate the information security requirements of ICAO and respond to those requirements by presenting policies, proposals and recommendations, such as cyber security policies and related strategies, processes and procedures, to the IMC; and

  7. Project Management group – mandated to provide guidance, documentation and standardization of project management principles through project management policies, strategies, processes and procedures in line with the goals of the Organization.

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