Implementation Support — Amendments and Manuals — Amendments Adopted in 2019

Amendments Adopted in 2019


Annex 13 — Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation, Amendment 17


Amendment 17 relates to an amendment to the definition for “accredited representative”; alignment of provisions on notification to accommodate incidents and dissemination of Final Reports; new provisions related to timely investigation of accidents and serious incidents and release of Final Reports; amendment to the note regarding facilitation of the entry of investigators; introduction of a new note on consultation of draft safety recommendations; amendment to the list of examples of serious incidents and new guidance in Attachment C; and new Attachment F on delegation of investigations.


Annex 17 — Security, Amendment 17


Amendment 17 contains proposals intended to strengthen measures against insider threats, and includes new and/or revised provisions on background checks, vulnerability assessments, information sharing, and screening of persons other than passengers.

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