Global Partnerships for Sustainable Development — Resource Mobilization (RM) Policy — RM systems put in place to coordinate RM in ICAO

RM systems put in place to coordinate RM in ICAO


In mid-2019, the Project Review Committee for ICAO Voluntary Funds (PRC-IVFs) approved the introduction of the Resource Mobilization Network (RMN) managed by SPCP. The purpose of the RMN is to strengthen capacity in Resource Mobilization (RM) within ICAO, increase coordination between Bureaus and Regional Offices (RO) and assist the Organization in mobilizing voluntary funding to support its member States with the execution of civil aviation projects in line with ICAO’s Strategic Objectives. The RMN membership comprises nominated focal points from the Air Navigation Bureau (ANB), the Air Transport Bureau (ATB), the Technical Cooperation Bureau (TCB) and ROs, under the overall guidance of SPCP and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the overall operation of the RMN are being drafted.


The ICAO Resource Mobilization Platform was developed to streamline and facilitate joint RM efforts across the Organization, as well as demonstrate transparent and efficient financial management for contributions provided to the RMF. Ideally, lessons learned from the platform could be replicated across all ICAO Voluntary Funds. The Platform houses agreements for contributions made to the RMF, project templates and pipeline projects from across all Bureaus and Regional Offices (RO) for which resources are to be mobilized and a repository of attempts made to mobilize resources for a particular project, thus promoting coordination within ICAO. The Secretariat View of the Platform was launched to ICAO staff globally in December 2019.

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