Financial Overview – Evaluation and Internal Audit Office (EAO)


2013 Financial Highlights

Extracts of the Audited Financial Statements

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Internal Control Framework (ICF)

Budget of the Organization for 2014-16

Evaluation and Internal Audit Office (EAO)



During 2013, EAO completed internal audits on the implementation of ICAO’s policy on contracts of individual consultants/contractors; travel; monitoring of staff absence; the Mexico Regional Office; IT strategic planning and governance; fixed assets and inventories and an evaluation report on results-based management. In addition, various reports by the Joint Inspection Unit were presented to the Council, along with action plans proposed by the Secretariat. Subjects covered included: UN System wide reviews of Accountability Frameworks; Management of Sick Leave; Business Continuity; Individual Consultancies; Lump Sum Payments in Lieu of Entitlements; and Staff Recruitment.
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