Financial Overview – Extracts of the audited Financial Statements


2013 Financial Highlights

Extracts of the Audited Financial Statements

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Internal Control Framework (ICF)

Budget of the Organization for 2014-16

Evaluation and Internal Audit Office (EAO)



Tables 4 and 5 below are an extract of the audited Financial Statements of ICAO for the year 2013.


Table 4 shows revenue and expenses for the year 2013 on the IPSAS basis, extracted from Statement II of the Financial Statements. It contains all Funds controlled by ICAO.


Table 4. 2013 Revenue and Expenses Summary (all funds)

(in thousands of CAD)

Table 5 presents the Financial Position of the Organization as at 31 December 2013. It shows the assets, liabilities and surpluses/(deficits) for all funds combined, and it is extracted from Statement I of the Financial Statements.


Table 5. Financial position as at 31 December 2013 (all funds)

(in thousands of CAD)


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