​ICAO Frequency Spectrum Management Panel (FSMP) and 2023 World

 Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-23) Workshop

Online  21 - 22 February 2022)



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​P/01--​Aviation Frequency Spectrum and the ITU World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRC), Presented by the Secretariat.22/02/2022​--
P/02​​--​Draft ICAO Position for ITU WRC-23), Presented by the Secretariat.22/02/2022​--
​P/03​--​ITU Preparatory process towards WRC 23), Presented by ITU.22/02/2022​--
​P/04​--​Radiocommunications for Suborbital Vehicles), Presented by United States.22/02/2022​​--
​P/05​--​Consideration of regulatory provisions for updating Appendix 27 of the Radio Regulations in support of aeronautical HF modernization), Presented by the Secretariat.22/02/2022​​--
​P/06​--​Fixed Satellite Service allocations for RPAS C2 Links)), Presented by the Secretariat.22/02/2022​​--
​P/07​--​Space based VHF AMS(R)S allocation in 117.975-137 MHz band), Presented by CAAS.22/02/2022​​--
​P/08​--​Space Based VHF Studies - VOICE project: outcomes of technical studies and test/validations), Presented by INDRA – ENAIRE- EUROCONTROL - SITA.22/02/2022​​--
P/09​​--​AI 1.10: NON SAFETY AMS IN 15.4 15.7 GHz AND 22 22.21 GHz, Presented by France.23/02/2022​--
P/10​​--​Difficulties or Inconsistencies Encountered in the Application of the Radio Regulations, Presented by United Kingdom.​2/02/2022​--
​P/11​--​Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL), Presented by OEA.22/02/2022--​
​P/12​--​Radio Altimeter & 5G Issue​, Presented by Airbus.23/02/2022​--​
​P/13​--​Impact of 5G deployment on Airline Operations, Presented by IATA. 23/02/2022​--​
​P/14​--ICAO Frequency Finder Updates, the SSR module and the new NAV module, Presented by the Secretariat. 23/02/2022​​--




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