Virtual Meeting Directors General of North America of Civil Aviation of Central American

and Caribbean (NACC) and South America (SAM) Zoom Platform,

22 July 2020, 09:30 hours CDT



​Invitation Letter








--​--​​Opening remarks ICAORD NACC22/07/20--​
​P/01​2.1​GIR and Presentation, Presented by ICAO.22/07/20--​
​P/023.1​​I-Packs and other tools Presentation, Presented by TCB22/07/20​--
​P/03​4.1​Regional Overview Response to COVID-19, Presented by NACC and SAM ROs22/07/20
​P/045.1​​EASA Response to the COVID-19 crisis, Presented by EASA21/07/20​--



​5.1​Runway to recovery, Presented by United States.21/07/20​--
​P/065.1​​Canada’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Presented by Canada.21/07/20--​
​P/076.1​​Planificación y Acciones Intermedias para el reinicio de Operaciones, Presented by Costa Rica.21/07/20--​
​P/08​6.1​Jamaica’s restart of aviation operations COVID-19, Presented by Jamaica.21/07/20​--
​P/09​6.1​Brasil Presentation, Presented by Brazil.22/07/20--​
​P/10​6.1​Reactivación de las Operaciones Aéreas, Presented by Ecuador.22/07/20--​


​6.1​Passengers Health Declaration Form and Appx., Presented by ICAO ATB.22/07/20​--
​P/127​Resource Mobilization, Presented by ICAO SPCP. 21/07/20--​
​P/136.2​​Avances en el reinicio de operaciones, Presented by IATA.22/07/20​--
​P/14​6.2​Virtual Meeting Directors General of NACC and SAM Presentation by CANSO, Presented by CANSO.22/07/20​--
​P/15​6.2​Specific air cargo issues to support the States’ economies , Presented by ICAO TIACA.22/07/20​--
​P/16​6.1​Acciones para un “Take-off” armónico, Presented by Colombia.22/07/20--​
​P/17​6.2OACI - Estrategia de Recuperación Regional Covid-19 , Presented by ACI-LAC.



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