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​ICAO Secretary General Dr. Liu Fang visits the Asia Pacific Regional Sub-Office in Beijing​​


Dr. Liu Fang, the Secretary General ICAO, and Mr. Arun Mishra, the Regional Director for ICAO Asia and Pacific Regions visited the ICAO Asia and Pacific Regional Sub-Office (APAC RSO) on 15 May 2017 at the occasion of the One Belt One Road Forum organized by the Chinese Government. 
The chief of the RSO, Mr. Raphael Guillet, presented an overview of the RSO’s activities and accomplishments in the last year.



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ICAO Asia/Pacific PBN Workshop for Air Traffic Controller

           13-16 August 2019, Bangkok, Thailand 

Performance Based Navigation (PBN) has been recognized as a common practice in aviation community. Around 60% of instrument runway ends of international airports in Asia/Pacific Region have PBN approach procedures. More than 65% of international airports in our region apply PBN departure and arrival procedures. Furthermore, the number of PBN procedures and PBN approved aircraft are continuously increasing. To support the progress of PBN, the roles of air traffic controllers are becoming more and more important.

Recognizing this, the updated version of PBN Workshop for air traffic controllers is prepared by the ICAO Asia/Pacific Regional Sub Office. The workshop will deliver PBN applications to ATC environment as well as general concepts of PBN and airspace, and these topics will be emphasized through practical exercises.

The workshop is opened to all levels of air traffic controllers as well as regulators, instructors of ATC training and related stakeholders. Registration form and other information are at

  InternationalCivil Aviation Day – 7 December

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