Role of RSO

RSO complements the APAC RO and provides service to 39 APAC States, but slightly different in roles. RSO is focusing on the capacity building of Air Traffic Management(ATM) capabilities in the region. RSO monitors the current implementation, conducts gap analysis between the global /regional roadmap and updates implementation status of APAC States.

RSO addressed the need of States and has provided technical guidance to the APAC States for a smooth transition from traditional Navigation to RNAV and then to RNP through formulating PBN roadmap, updating technical standards, sharing advanced experience, and providing On-Job-Training and go team missions. Shorter procedures will provide fuel saving and reduce CO2 emissions.

The congested oceanic areas of South East Asia and South Asia called for a collaborative approach for more efficient ATS routes and procedures. RSO has focused on ATS routes planning coordination in busy areas including Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean, South-East Asia and South China Sea through establishment of long-term coordination mechanism with all concerned States and International Organizations. To emphasize the importance of Safety management in ATM process transitions, RSO held various ATM workshops on  Safety culture, Safety Assessment, Flight Inspection/ Validation, wake Turbulence Re-categorization (RECAT) for APAC states.

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