IMG_72321.jpg​The Eighth Meeting of the ICAO Asia Pacific Flight Procedure Programme Steering Committee(FPP/SC8​)​​​


Recognizing that there was a strong need in the APAC region for the services of the FPP, the FPP Steering Committee endorsed the extension of the Programme into Phase 3 (2018-2020) and the selection of China as its host State during its eighth meeting on July 11th-13th, 2017. In the Phase 3, the FPP is approaching the target of a centre of excellence in the field of flight procedure design, by enhancing internal process, expanding value creation and increasing public visibility. Comparing to its Phase 2, the FPP is going to provide more advanced courses to accommodate the requirements of states, including Helicopter Point in Space, RNP AR Procedure Design, RNP/RNAV to xLS Procedure Design and other new procedure training to follow up ICAO amendments. In the meantime, the FPP would also deliver new training on regulatory oversight of the procedure design service provision including the approval process for the flight instrument procedures to facilitate the Flight Procedure Approval. Besides training, the FPP would give more emphasis on the PBN implementation support in terms of procedure design. ​



Procedure Design Quality AssuranceDownload20 Feb - 24 Feb 2017RSO, Beijing
Pans-Ops Procedure Design Initial CourseDownload13 Feb-10 Mar 2017RSO, Beijing
PBN Procedure Design CourseDownload9 May - 26 May 2017RSO, Beijing
Procedure Design Refresher Course 2017 (including all new amendments in Doc8168)Download17 Jul-21 Jul 2017RSO, Beijing
PBN Procedure Design Course Download10 Oct-27 Oct 2017RSO, Beijing


Other courses are under preparation. Announcement will be done on due time.








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