RNP AR Approaches

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This course details criteria for the design of RNP AR approaches.



This course deals with the RNP AR approaches criteria. At the end of this training, the participant, as future procedure designer tutored by a senior procedure designer is able to:

  • Design or Cross check  RNP AR procedures
  • Enable Charting and coding of RNP AR procedures

Participants concerned

Experts or confirmed procedure designers


Attendance of the course about Baro-VNAV approaches is required.

Attendees should feel comfortable:

  • To communicate in English,
  • With the use of an automatic tool

Tuition fees

  • Free for active and user member states,
  • 1000$ one person per week for non-member states.


The course covers underlying principles and procedure design criteria of RNP AR Approach as laid down in ICAO Required Navigation Performance Authorization Required Procedure Design Manual Doc.9905. Knowledge of criteria is presented to trainees followed by practical exercise for the implementation of the criteria. Some RNP AR cases will be discussed in the course.


The course deals with:

  • RNP AR operation requirements,
  • Corrections applied for cold temperatures,
  • General criteria issued for ICAO 9905,
  • RNP AR approach minimum calculation and coding,
  • FOSA,
  • Discussion about RNP AR Departure Procedures.

Theoretical courses

5 days' courses are in remote classes. Presentation and explanation of the rules and principles described in ICAO Doc 9905 and 9613.


Elementary use of the regulation concepts in a simplified environment, conducted to enforce the theoretical input.

Exercises are daily scheduled.

The exercises about departure criteria are in remote classes.

Course rundown

PhaseTopicFurther Description
RNP ARDoc 9905 criteria, issues with the information in the manual, logic of certain requirements.
Mastery TestRNP AR

Example of RNP AR approach project.

Discuss results, eventual benefits. etc.

CriteriaRF legsProtection of RF legs
CriteriaSplaying RF legsLogic and rationale of the splaying RF leg protection
CriteriaDeparture with RF legDesign and obstacle assessment in a departure with RF leg
Mastery TestDeparture with RF legDesign a Departure with RF leg in a given scenario



Design of RNP AR procedures in a geographic and aeronautic realistic environment. The design is carried out step by step under the guidance of instructors.



Contact with referent instructor(s) is provided throughout the course.

Delivered course material

Courseware will be uploaded to APAC FPP website.

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