Procedure Design Refresher Course

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This course consists of criteria for the recurrent & refresher instrument flight procedure design, typically covering the latest amendments and supplements of PANS-OPS.



After this course, the participants, as experienced procedure designers are able to:

  • Review expertise and skills needed for their jobs;
  • Learn latest amendments and supplements about procedure design criteria.


Participants concerned

Flight procedure designers, regulators of CAA, air traffic controllers, pilots, AIS & airports personnel, other relevant personnel.


Attendees be able to communicate in English.

Practical procedure design experience.


Tuition fees

  • Free for Active and User Member States;
  • $200 per person per day for Non-Member States.



PD Refresher Course includes both the "Recurrent" and "Refresher" trainings.

The purpose of recurrent training is to address changes in the available criteria and regulations.

The purpose of refresher training is to strengthen skills and knowledge that have weakened through disuse and the passage of time.

PD Refresher Course contains the topic for recurrent also covers some of the fundamentals associated with the required competencies. Typically, this course covers the last amendments and supplements for publication.


  • Latest amendments and supplements for Doc 8168 Vol II & Doc 9905;
  • New amendments and supplements in PBN manual;
  • Refresher the Baro-VNAV criteria;
  • SBAS/GBAS concepts;
  • PBN in combination with ILS;

Theoretical courses

3 days' courses are in online classes.

5 days' courses are for on-site classes.

Presentation and explanation of the rules and principles described in Doc 8168-OPS/611.


Elementary use of the regulation concepts in a simplified environment, conducted to enforce the theoretical input for onsite course.

Quiz about the topic are daily scheduled for both online mode and onsite mode.

NO group exercises for online course.


Course Rundown

TopicFurther Description
ICAO Documents recurrentUpdating of DOC 8168,PBN manual, Doc 9905
PBN concepts refresherICAO PBN Concepts. Navigation Specifications
Baro-VNAVBaro-VNAV concept, protection areas and obstacle assessments.
GBAS/SBAS ConceptsGBAS/SBAS concept, protection areas construction and obstacle assessments, FAS data block.
PBN in combination with ILSPBN + ILS method and obstacles assessments.
ARINC 424 Path/TerminatorsARNINC 424 coding issues for PBN SID/STAR and RNP APCH procedures
Charting & Coding/AIPCharting requirements, published information for PBN procedures.
Other recurrent information Updates of PBN manual.



NO design project for online course;

For on-site course, the project of procedures is in a geographic and aeronautic realistic environment. The design is carried out step by step under the guidance of instructors. The project includes also the Chart and appropriate documentation.


Several progress quiz are carried out to identify the trainee's ability to apply procedure design criteria. Correction of the project is part of the assessment for onsite course.

At the end of the course, an individual assessment report could provide to on-site participants as required.



Contact with referent instructor (s) is provided throughout the course.

Delivered course material

Courseware will be uploaded to APAC FPP website.

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