Procedure Design Seminar



This PD Seminar is a technology exchange platform where flight procedure designers/ATCs/regulators, or other related frontline staff, from APAC States and Regions will be invited to present the IFPD cases, their own experiences and solutions for special situations ex. obstacles constraint situations or airspace constraint situations etc.


To set up a technical exchange platform for civil aviation practitioners in APAC States and Regions to share special cases of flight procedures design of various states.


The PD Seminar focuses on:

  • Introduction of special cases or operational experiences
  • Personal research about IPFD
  • Discussion of complicated cases about flight procedure design


Participants concerned

Regulators, air navigation service providers, flight procedure designers, Air Traffic Controllers, Pilots, ATS/CNS/AIM personnel and other relevant personnel.



Attendees should feel comfortable to communicate in English and familiar with PANS-OPS criteria.


Tuition fees

All for free.


Background and Content

The first FPP Procedure Design Seminar was held at Singapore in September 2019. The speakers from Pakistan, Canada, Philippines and APAC FPP discussed about PBN procedure design experience of challenge terrain, RNP (VPT) approach, Coding issues and high-temperature APV. Please find more details of Seminar for below link.

PBN PD Seminar No. 1


From October 18th to 20th, 2021, the second FPP Procedure Design Online Seminar was held. During the meeting, guest speakers from Australia, Maldives, Nepal, China and ICAO RSO have introduced the cases, experiences, solutions and personal research about IFP design. Please find more details of Seminar for below link.

PBN PD Seminar No.2

The next meeting will be held in 2023, the final decision will be made by FPP SCM in the end of 2022. Anyone who is willing to share case experience or have some issues that needs to discuss can sign up for speaker.


Provided by invited speakers.


2~3 days.

Notes for Seminar Q&A

Using Pigeonhole Live, participants can scan QR code to ask questions any time.  The organizer will try to answer all the questions, but priority should be given to the questions with a high percentage of votes or more critical to the Seminar in case of a high volume of questions.

During the Q&A session, Speakers will answer questions from Pigeonhole verbally or by writing. If you have further related questions/comments, please take further actions by:

1. Questions. Please continue to ask questions orally after raising your hands, or type your additional questions below the original questions.

2. Comments. If you had related successful experience, FPP also welcomes any of you to share your own experience. Please share the related successful experience orally after raising your hands, or type your comments below the original questions.

Delivered Seminar materials

Seminar materials will be uploaded to APAC FPP website.

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