Coding and Charting Workshop



This workshop consists of criteria for the Coding and Charting, including update of PBN Manual, detailed professional introduction about ARINC 424 Coding issues and Charting issues.



The workshop Invite experts to introduce:

  • Update of PBN Manual
  • ICAO Charting issues
  • ARINC 424 Standard
  • Path terminator
  • Tabular Description for PBNs
  • Coding mechanism for SBAS\GBAS
  • Coding examples


Participants concerned

Future procedure designers, regulators of CAA, Air Traffic Controllers, and Pilots for flight inspection or validation, AIS personnel, and other relevant personnel


Attendees should feel comfortable to communicate in English and familiar with flight procedures.

Tuition fees

  • Free for Active and User Member States,
  • 800$ one person for Non-Member States.



At APAC FPP, according to member's requirements, this workshop is considered as the means to enhance the capabilities of members about the ARINC 424 Coding and ICAO Charting issues.

The workshop is organized around guest expert speakers to apply all the coding, charting criteria addressing PBN and conventional procedures. The pillars of this workshop include several cases study from actual work.


  • Coding and publication (charting) issues.
  • PBN manual update
  • ARINC 424 rules.
  • ICAO Charting rules.
  • Case Study

Theoretical courses

4 days' workshop is on-site.

Workshop agenda

As attachment


NO assessment for this workshop.

At the end, a certificate of attendance is provided to each participant.



Contact with referent instructor (s) is provided throughout the workshop.

Delivered course material

Courseware will be uploaded to APAC FPP website.

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