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Project Goal


In order to accelerate the implementation of Performance Based Navigation (PBN), thereby realizing the significant safety, access, efficiency, and reduced environmental impact benefits of PBN, a group of Civil Aviation Administrations in the Asia-Pacific Region, including the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) as the host State, with the assistance of ICAO, established the Flight Procedure Programme (FPP) in 2010. The FPP has been extended through December 2023. As endorsed by the FPP Steering Committee , it is going to be extended into its Phase V covering 2024-2026.


The objective of this programme, funded by the active participating States/Administrations of Australia, China (People's Republic of, Hong Kong SAR, and Macao SAR), France (French Polynesia), Philippines, Republic of Korea, Singapore and Thailand and co-located with the ICAO APAC Regional Sub-Office in Beijing, is to assist States to develop sustainable capability in the instrument flight procedure (IFP) domain so as to meet their commitments under Assembly Resolution A36-23 for performance-based navigation (PBN) implementation and their obligations for the quality of their IFPs which was reinforced in Assembly Resolution A37-11. The Cambodia, Fiji, Lao, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka and Viet Nam participate in the programme as user, not contributor, States.

Project Achievements



From 2010 to 2023, the FPP has delivered 90 Flight Procedure and PBN related courses and workshops for 2930 participants from 35 States/Administration in APAC Region. These trainings included Basic PANS OPS Training, PBN Procedure Design, Refresher Procedure Design Training, Procedure Design Quality Assurance and Flight Validation for Pilot Training. Besides these courses and workshops, the FPP also provided states with on-job training, flight procedure validation, consultation service and procedure design support.


FPP continues to assist in flight procedure training, validation and implementation, to APAC FPP Member States in 2023. As of December 2023, five (5) training courses with 433 participants from 27 States/Administrations have been delivered in China in support of the implementation of the Steering Committee's priorities. The courses conducted were the basic 'ICAO Procedures for Air Navigation Services — Flight Procedure Design Course- Module 1 (main topic: Foundation skills & SIDs) for Procedure Designers; Flight Procedure Design Course- Module 2 (main topic: 2D approach, NPA& RNP APCH); Flight Procedure Design Course- Module 3 (main topic: 3D approach, ILS & Baro-VNAV); RNP AR Workshop and Procedure Design Seminar (GLS/SBAS).  FPP in-house instructors with the support from external capacity developed this Course. FPP instructors provided technical assistance to China, Fiji, and Macao China.


Project in the Future


The Strategy Forward for FPP Phase 5 endorsed at the 14th FPP Steering Committee Meeting continued to include the following two important areas.
• Expand Internal Capability
• Grow External Cooperation


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