Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) / Collaborative Decision Making (CDM)

What is ATFM/CDM?

ATFM is an enabler of air traffic management (ATM) efficiency and effectiveness. It contributes to the safety, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability of an ATM system. It is also a major enabler of global interoperability of the air transport industry. It is important to recognize that, over time, two threads of events are going to appear simultaneously:

  • local ATFM implementations conducted worldwide are going to shape a global ATFM;
  • standardized ATFM processes will be implemented globally.


What are the benefits of implementing an ATFM service?

  • enhanced ATM system safety;
  • increased system operational efficiency and predictability through CDM processes;
  • effective management of capacity and demand through data analysis and planning;
  • increased situational awareness among stakeholders and a coordinated, collaborative development and execution of operational plans;
  • reduced fuel burn and operating costs;
  • and effective management of irregular operations and effective mitigation of system constraints and consequences of unforeseen events;
  • improved quality of air travel; increased economic development through efficient and cost-effective services to the projected increased levels of air traffic;
  • reduction of aviation-related greenhouse gas emissions;
  • mitigation of the effects of unforeseen events and situations of reduced capacity along with coordinating effective and rapid solutions to recover from them.


ATFM/CDM Activities of APAC RSO

ICAO APAC RSO conducts various levels of workshops to assist Asia Pacific States in their implementation of Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) and Collaborative Decision Making (CDM). Depending on States’ readiness and applicability, States may wish to host and request for ICAO APAC RSO to conduct any rank of the Workshop.

ATFM/A-CDM Integration Webinar

The ATFM/A-CDM Integration Webinar was held in September 2022. The webinar is intended to gain from the States experienced in the implementation of A-CDM and ATFM and assist States in developing implementation plans and strategies for A-CDM integration with ATFM.
The meeting details are available on

ATFM Workshop on Capacity/Demand Analysis 

The main objectives of the workshop were to improve understanding by all stakeholders of the benefits ATFM could offer and share the methods of capacity and demand analysis and lessons learnt from States, International Organizations, and industry partners. You may would like to find more details in the following URL:  2019 ATFM Workshop - All Documents (

                  AFTM Workshop.jpg


What can APAC RSO offer to States?

The typical duration of the Workshop is 1-3 days , we can assemble a workshop by select training modules from below :

  • Module-1 Foundation ATFM
  • Module-2 CDM for Foundation ATFM
  • Module-3 Background of ATFM
  • Module-4 Current Situation(each country)
  • Module-5 Introduction of Draft Recommendations
  • Module-6 Objectives and Program Outline
  • Module-7 Overview of the Draft Regional Framework
  • Module-8 Workshop on CDM-ACDM
  • Module-9 ATFM Service
  • Module-10 Cross Border ATFM


Upon the request of host State, some modules of the workshop could be tailored to be State specific and based on real cases of host State

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