As a Regional Sub-Office (RSO) of the Asia and Pacific (APAC) Office in Bangkok, the RSO in Beijing is primarily responsible for supporting improved Airspace Organization and Management (AOM) to maximize Air Traffic Management (ATM) performance across the Asia Pacific Region. The mandate of the RSO is to facilitate the efficient management of airspace and international air traffic flows in the region through AOM, Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) and Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) aimed at meeting the growth in traffic without compromising the safety. This includes assistance to improve ATFM capability, implementation of Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) in en-route and terminal airspace, approach procedures, enhancement of airspace utilization (civil/military aspect) and improvement of traffic flows (review of ATS route networks) in the Asia Pacific Region. The RSO liaises with States and international organizations and partners closely with industry to support the implementation of ATM and air navigation service improvements that are necessary to meet the needs of this rapidly expanding region.

Activities are conducted through workshops, seminars, trainings and meetings with all the APAC States and with the support of aviation industry.
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