Civil and Military ATM Cooperation (CMAC) and Flexible Use of Airspace(FUA)

What is FUA ? Why we need to enhance Civil/Military ATM Cooperation

Flexible use of airspace (FUA) is an airspace management concept based on the principle that airspace should not be designated as purely civil or military, but rather as a continuum in which all user requirements are accommodated to the greatest possible extent.  


Airspace is recognized as a finite resource to both Civilian and Military. With rapid growth of air traffic flow, States are faced with the challenge of managing their limited airspace in a way that accommodate both Civil and Military requirements on use of airspace. A closed Civil/Military ATM Cooperation is an enabler to Flexible Use of Airspace which provides a resolution on sharing the limited resource.  


Benefits of FUA

  • Increase flight economy by enabling direct flight or more efficient flight level across reserved/segregated airspace;
  • Increase airspace capacity by providing more ATS routes during a specific time period;
  • Reduce ATC workload by enhancing ATS route network and associated sectorisation;
  • Provide more flexible and closely airspace reservation in line with military operational requirements.


CMAC/FUA Activities of APAC RSO

APAC RSO has supported States on enhancing Civil and Military ATM Cooperation and implementing Flexible Use of Airspace through delivering various CMAC/FUA Workshops, organizing CMAC/FUA Seminar and working together with States on specific CMAC/FUA projects.

CMAC Workshop 

CMAC Workshop1.jpgAt the invitation of Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) of Malaysia, to strengthen the knowledge and understanding of Civil and Military Air Traffic Management Cooperation and Flexible Use of Airspace as advocated by ICAO through Circular 330 (Cir 330), Mr. Yan Yonggang , the Regional Officer of ATM and Mr. Huo Da, the Programme Assistant  delivered the Civil and Military Air Traffic Management Cooperation(CMAC) and Flexible Use of Airspace(FUA) Workshop over 3 days from 25th to 27th September 2017 at the Malaysia Aviation Academy(MAvA). For more information, please visit

CMAC Workshop2.jpgThe Workshop was held from 1-3 November 2017 at the ICAO APAC Regional Office, Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. Yan Yonggang , the Regional Officer of ATM and Mr. Huo Da, the Programme Assistant organized a Asia/Pacific Civil/ Military ATM Cooperation (CMAC) Workshop to the whole APAC region to assist member States in enhancing Civil/Military ATM Cooperation and implementing FUA, through refreshing the awareness of ICAO's provision on CMAC , illustrating the update Cir330 and APAC ATM seamless plan. For more information, please visit


What can APAC RSO offer to States?


OVERVIEW-What’s the Foundation CMAC/FUA Workshop?
The Foundation CMAC/FUA Workshop aims to provide States with concepts and applications of CMAC/FUA based on ICAO’s provisions. The CMAC/FUA best practices and lessons learned are also shared with the expectation on providing  practical reference for implementation.
CONTENT -What can we learn from the Workshop?
The typical duration of the Workshop is two days , consisting of the following training modules:
  • Module-1 Airspace Management and Flexible Use of Airspace Concept
  • Module-2 Civil Military Coordination at Three Levels of Airspace Management
  • Module-3 Flexible and Adaptable Airspace Structure
  • Module-4 Conditional Route Categories and Coordination Process
  • Module-5 Civil and Military Cooperation in Air Traffic Management and  Institutional and Regulatory Framework
  • Module-6 Civil and Military Cooperation Elements in APAC Seamless ATM Plan and Global Air Navigation Plan
  • Module-7 Global Challenge and Best Practices
Upon the request of host State, some Modules of the Workshop could be tailored to be State specific and based on real cases of host State.
BENEFIT -Why we need the Workshop?
  • Broaden the awareness of ICAO’s policy and provision on CMAC/FUA;
  • Achieve practical guidance on enhancing CMAC and implementing FUA ;
  • Be aware of best practices and lessons learned for improvement of ASM;
  • Facilitate the implementation of high priority CMAC/FUA tasks in line with APAC Seamless ATM Plan.
Audience-Who are expected to participate?
The Workshop is open for Individual States/Sub-Regional Groups, and the trainees could be personnel of Civil and Military Authorities, Regulators, Airspace Designers and Managers, Air Traffic Controllers.
Contact-How to request for ICAO to deliver the Workshop?
Depending on States’ readiness and status, States may wish to host and request for ICAO to conduct the Workshop. Please approach Mr. LIU Song, Regional Officer ATM(AOM-FUA), ICAO APAC RSO for further information through
The Workshop or seleted module Delivered

2.       Advanced CMAC/FUA Modules

OVERVIEW-What’s the Advanced CMAC/FUA Modules
The Advanced CMAC/FUA Modules aim to provide States with the knowledge and experiences of the next step implementation on CMAC/FUA. State who has implemented the basic FUA and/or has the basic functionality of ATFM might need relevant Module to further improve the performance of their airspace management. These Modules can also be selected and cooperated into the Foundation CMAC/FUA Workshop.
CONTENT -What can we learn from the Advanced CMAC/FUA Modules?
  • Module-8* Traffic Management/Flexible Use of Airspace Integration and CDM Process ( Advanced Module): Help participants understand the interaction process of ASM and ATFM, the CDM process of FUA among different Stake holders
  • Module-9* Flexible Use of Airspace Manual Template of Asia and Pacific Region(Advanced Module, upcoming): Help participants understand the FUA Manual template, and assistant States to build their own FUA Manual.
  • Module-10* Enhancement of Pre-tactical and tactical CMAC/FUA with supporting of Airspace Management Tool (Advanced Module, upcoming): Using LARA demonstrator to help participant understand the whole process of Pre-tactical and tactical CMAC/FUA ; show participants with the study case in Europe; envisage the improved CMAC/FUA process based on local cases
BENEFIT -Why we need the Advanced CMAC/FUA Modules?
  • To further improve the quality of Civil and Military ATM Cooperation; further improve the performance of per-tactical and tactical Airspace Management.

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