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​ATM safety Assessment Webinar

Safety is crucial when upgrading air navigation systems. ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices require that any significant safety-related change to the air traffic management (ATM) system shall be implemented only after a safety assessment has demonstrated that an acceptable level of safety will be met and users have been consulted, and post-implementation monitoring needs to be conducted to verify the defined level of safety continued to be met. The first webinar on ATM Safety Assessment in Change Management was conducted by APAC Regional Sub-Office from 3-5 November 2020. The second webinar on ATM Safety Assessment was conducted by APAC Regional Sub-Office from 23-25 June 2021. See more details, please visit: First webinar on ATM Safety Assessment in Change Management   Second webinar on ATM Safety Assessment

Safety Culture “Safety is MY business” Webinar

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ICAO Asia Pacific ATM Safety Culture Webinar "Safety is MY business" was conducted by RSO from 27 to 28 October 2021 attended by 150 participants.The resilience and flexibility of ATM comes from ATM people who are managing day to day operations safely and efficiently. Creating a strong Safety Culture in ATM is all about how people, from Top and from Bottom, behave toward safety, with special emphasis on a real VISIBLE commitment of high-level and middle management. 

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