The ICAO Webinar for China

The 1st ICAO Webinar for China

26-28 January 2021, Beijing, China



  • Aim of the Webinar

In order to Enhance experience sharing and mutual communication between the ICAO and CAAC, to better explain what ICAO can bring to Chinese participants, ICAO held 'The ICAO Webinar for China' in Beijing from 26 to 28 January, 2021.

  • Opening Ceremony

Dr. Fang Liu, Secretary General of ICAO, Mr. Xiaofeng Cui, Deputy Administrator of CAAC and Mr. Manjit Singh, Acting Director of Asia Pacific Regional Office delivered remarks at the beginning of the webinar, with a total of 1100 participants from CAAC, ATMB, Chinese universities, airports and airlines.

                Liu Fang - 1.png

                                        Dr. Fang Liu, ICAO Secretary General at the opening remarks

Speaking at the beginning, Dr. Fang Liu, ICAO Secretariat General, underscored that this webinar especially for China is a new attempt of ICAO to further shorten the distance between the speakers and the audience, so as to better enhance mutual trust and mutual assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

 Mr. Xiaofeng Cui.png     

                                Mr. Xiaofeng Cui, Deputy Administrator of CAAC at the welcome remarks

Mr. Singh Manjit.png

                       Mr. Manjit Singh, Acting Director of the Asia Pacific Regional Office at the greeting remarks

  • Speakers of the Webinar

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  • Contents of the Webinar

The three-day technical seminar was introduced in Chinese by experienced Chinese officials of ICAO and provided an overall view of ICAO and Air Navigation Commission work and explanations on the different roles of ICAO Headquarter, APAC Regional Office and APAC Regional Sub Office. This webinar also covered USOAP, CNS, ATM, ASM and ATFM fields and provided practical ways to get access to ICAO documentation/reports, and how to work with ICAO. As the main outcomes, this webinar enhanced experience sharing and mutual communication, showed participants how to be more engaged in the regional ICAO activities.

  • Q&A Session

With the use of a dedicated Q&A tool, all the experts provided answers to the questions from the audience. People also asked what are the job opportunities in ICAO and how to get more engaged in the regional activities.

  • Closure

Mr. Raphael Guillet, Chief of ICAO APAC RSO also underscored the main outcomes of this webinar, and thanks for the support to all speakers, participants and CAAC at the end of webinar.

Mr. Raphael Guillet.png

Mr. Raphael Guillet, Chief of ICAO APAC RSO at the end of the webinar

  • Materials of the Webinar

You may would like to find the Agenda and Presentations of this Webinar through the following URL:

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