PBN Safety Assessment Workshop

Dear Colleagues in aviation community


As we are already aware, PBN implementation is one of the highest priorities in the Global Air Navigation Plan and in the Asia/Pacific Seamless ATM Plan. The overall implementation of PBN in the APAC region is progressing but at a slow rate. In terms of PBN safety assessment, which is required before the PBN implementation, some States are still facing some difficulties due to the lack of guidelines or relevant experience. In this regard, ICAO is going to hold a PBN Safety Assessment Workshop at the ICAO Asia and Pacific Regional Sub Office (RSO) in Beijing China from 16 to 18 October 2018.


Objectives of the workshop:

·      to introduce available global and regional guidance materials which can be used for the PBN safety assessment; and

·      to share experiences and best practices with the States.


Target audience of the workshop:

·         regulators, safety managers, air navigation service providers (ANSPs), air traffic controllers, procedure designers, and pertinent stakeholders


The workshop will be divided into 3 sessions tentatively. Main contents are:


Session 1 (Day 1): Introduction to PBN safety assessment

·         Review of ICAO documents

·         Safety management in aviation

·         Safety assessment in procedure design

·         Other considerations on PBN safety assessment

·         General concerns on safety assessment


Session 2 (Day 2): Conducting safety assessment (Exercise)

·         The use of safety assessment checklists as a regional guidance

·         Analysis of sample cases (SID/STAR, RNP APCH based on VYNT and VYBG)

·         Development of safety assessment report

·         Presentation (10 min presentation, 5 minutes Q&A)


Session 3 (Day 3): Sharing experiences

·         Best practices on PBN safety assessment

              - SID/STAR,

              - RNP APCH (LNAV, LNAV/VNAV),

              - ATS routes (parallel routes),

              - Generic Safety Case / Local safety assessment,

              - Qualitative vs. Quantitative safety assessment,

              - Challenges and implemented solutions,

·         Safety methodology for SBAS/GBAS implementation

·         Presentation from China, France, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, USA


Summary of the PBN Safety Assessment Workshop

·         Identify a list of hazards to be considered during PBN safety assessment

·         Draft recommendations to be submitted to ICAO Panels/Working Groups


Contact: Huho Ha, Regional Officer ATM (AOM-PBN); Tel: +86 10-6455-7174; E-mail: hha@icao.int

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