PBN Workshop for Air Traffic Controllers

​PBN Workshop for Air Traffic Controllers: Train the Trainer

ICAO is going to hold the PBN Workshop for Air Traffic Controllers at the ICAO Asia and Pacific Regional Sub Office, Beijing, China on 13-15 June 2017. The significance of ATC training on PBN has been well perceived for a long time recognizing air traffic controllers are one of the key enablers of PBN implementation. In other words, if air traffic controllers are confident of the benefits of PBN procedures they are using, the implementation of PBN will be facilitated, thus safety, efficiency and capacity of airspace will be improved.


The objectives of the PBN Workshop for Air Traffic Controllers is

to improve understanding on PBN and PBN procedures for air traffic controllers;

to facilitate application of PBN procedures by air traffic controllers;

to improve efficiency and capacity of airspace and safety of operations through PBN application ; and

to facilitate the implementation of ICAO Resolution A37-11.


The target audience of this workshop is regulators, air navigation service providers (ANSPs), instructors, operational air traffic controllers, and experts related to air traffic controller training.


The workshop will be divided into three sessions tentatively. The main contents are:


DAY 1 - PBN Overview


  • Document Review
  • Area Navigation
  • PBN Concept
  • Terminal Operations together with PBN procedure design considerations
  • Introduction of CDO/CCO
  • ATS route and waypoint implementation (if necessary)


DAY 2 - ATC Considerations


  • Flight Plan
  • Mixed mode operations
  • ATC Interface
  • Phraseologies
  • PBN procedure implementation constraints
  • Contingency procedures
  • Procedure connection issues


DAY 3 - Case Reviews (States’/Administrations’ presentations focusing on following topics)


  • Mixed operations on parallel runways with:
  •     Different approach procedures, i.e. ILS and RNP APCH including missed approach segment; and
  •     Different departures, i.e. conventional SID vs. RNAV1/RN1 SID


  • RNAV1/RNP1 to ILS operations
  • GBAS operations
  • RNAV1/RNP1 mandate for terminal area
  • RNP AR operations
  • PBN procedure connection experience (PBN to Conventional, Conventional to PBN)

2017 ICAO RSO ATCO Training Hong Kong Case Study v2.pdf
9/20/2017 2:03 AMXiaoji, Huang
ATC Experiences on PBN-the Philippines.pdf
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Att1_ATS Procedure Order 02-14 S.pdf
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FAA Overview on PBN.pdf
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GBAS for ATCOv2.pdf
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ICAO PBN Workshop June 2017 VF.pdf
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