Progress on ICAO’s Strategic Objectives and Global Plans — Safety — Global Aviation Safety Plan and Annual Safety Report

Global Aviation Safety Plan and Annual Safety Report


In 2021, ICAO completed the draft version of the 2023–2025 edition of the Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP).


The GASP was developed and revised by the GASP Study Group (GASP-SG), a joint regulatory and industry expert group established by ICAO to ensure that the plan and its contents reflect the needs of the aviation community at the international, regional and national levels. Proposed topics for the 2023–2025 edition of the GASP and a proposal to update the GASP targets and indicators were presented to the High-level Conference on COVID-19, held virtually from 12 to 22 October 2021, to obtain wider feedback from States and international organizations. In preparation for the Conference, ICAO conducted a survey via an online questionnaire on the GASP update. The survey provided an opportunity for key stakeholders to give specific feedback on the 2020–2022 edition of the GASP and to provide suggestions for the 2023–2025 edition. The recommendations and feedback from the Conference were reviewed in consultation with the GASP-SG, and the Secretariat produced the draft 2023–2025 edition of the GASP. The draft document will be presented to the Air Navigation Commission for review, and then to the Council for approval in 2022 in preparation for the 41st Session of the Assembly.


In 2021, ICAO continued its efforts to support the implementation of national aviation safety plans (NASPs) among Member States in line with the GASP and regional aviation safety plans (RASPs). These efforts included a series of webinars on the 2020–2022 edition of the GASP and the development of NASPs. Webinars on existing RASPs were also held in collaboration with the Regional Offices. In addition, an Implementation Package (iPack) on NASPs was developed to guide Civil Aviation Authorities in the development of NASPs. The iPack provides access to a dedicated subject matter expert, e-learning tools and a safety performance dashboard (for more information, see this page).


The 2021 Safety Report is available here.

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