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Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme Continuous Monitoring Approach (USOAP-CMA)


In 2021, a number of enhancements were made to the Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme Continuous Monitoring Approach (USOAP-CMA). A strategy was introduced to address and mitigate risks associated with the USOAP-CMA’s implementation, and contingency measures were adopted to ensure continued activity despite travel restrictions. In the last quarter of 2021, on-site audits, validations and State Safety Programme Implementation Assessments were resumed. Off-site and virtual audit and validation activities were also carried out.


Programme enhancements and COVID-19 safety measures made it possible to conduct 23 USOAP-CMA activities, including three audits, eight ICAO Coordinated Validation Missions, nine off-site validations, one mandatory information request, one State Safety Programme Implementation Assessment and one workshop. A five-day audit preparation course was developed in cooperation with the Global Aviation Training Section (GAT) to ensure that prospective auditors and team candidates were well prepared.


In 2021, the programme validated the resolution of one significant safety concern (SSC). Three SSCs remained unresolved affecting seven States (Antigua and Barbuda, Bhutan, Eritrea, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), in the areas of personnel licensing and training (PEL), aircraft operations (OPS) and air navigation services (ANS).


By December 2021, 36 out of the 37 recommendations of the Group of Experts for a USOAP-CMA Structured Review were implemented, which led to important changes in USOAP-CMA methodologies, processes and tools. The recommendations of the USOAP-CMA Advisory Group were also transmitted to States for feedback.

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