Emerging and Cross-cutting Aviation Issues — Crisis response planning and preparedness

Crisis response planning and preparedness


Integrated risk management


In 2021, the Air Navigation Commission (ANC) authorized the establishment of a study group to support the Secretariat in the area of safety risk management. The work of the Integrated Risk Management Study Group will be coordinated with ICAO Bureaus and relevant supporting ICAO expert groups, including the Safety Management Panel and others falling outside the purview of the ANC.


The Integrated Risk Management Study Group will review risk management methodologies applied in managing risks from different perspectives and existing integrated risk management methodologies. It is proposed that the Study Group be composed of experts from States, regional safety oversight organizations (RSOOs) and international aviation organizations, and that it develop guidance material, including a unified framework, if feasible, that can be adapted and applied at the State and service provider level. Members of the Study Group would also be members of supporting ICAO expert groups to facilitate coordination.


In addition, through its Regional Offices, ICAO engaged with relevant stakeholders in the aftermath of natural disasters in Haiti, Saint Lucia, Equatorial Guinea and Indonesia, as well as in relation to the evolving situation in Afghanistan. Such engagement was aimed at ensuring safe and secure operations of civil and humanitarian aircraft.

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