Supporting Strategies - Internal evaluations and audits

Internal evaluations and audits


During 2021, the Office of Internal Oversight (OIO) issued eight internal audit reports (classification process, management of voluntary funds, staff performance management, IT logical access controls, outsourced translation services, aviation safety audit process, education grant entitlement and medical services). It also issued two due diligence reports (procurement of a passport issuance system for Honduras and engagement of a third party to implement the Information Security Roadmap) and one evaluation report (technical assistance to Member States). Furthermore, six reports by the Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) were presented to the Council, along with the corresponding action plans proposed by the Secretariat. All OIO reports were made available on the Council secure portal as per the usual practice. The evaluation report was presented and discussed at the 224th Session of the Council. The OIO also presented to the Council its annual work programme for 2022, the annual report of the Chief, OIO for 2020 and the revised ICAO evaluation policy, which was approved by the Council during its 224th Session.

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