Implementation Support — No Country Left Behind Initiatives — RSOOs and GASOS



In 2019, the Council approved the Global Aviation Safety Oversight System (GASOS) in a phased approach for the strengthening and assessment of Regional Safety Oversight Organizations (RSOOs) and Regional Accident and Incident Investigation Organizations (RAIOs) to enable them to provide Level 1 (advisory work) and Level 2 (assistance work) support to their Member States. GASOS, which was subsequently acknowledged by the Assembly in Resolution A40-6: Regional cooperation and assistance to resolve safety deficiencies, establishing priorities and setting measurable targets, provides ICAO an effective assessment mechanism to recognize the capabilities and qualifications of RSOOs and RAIOs.


The Regional Safety Oversight Organization Cooperative Platform (RSOO CP) continued development of ICAO guidance on RSOOs, integration of RSOOs in the technical work of ICAO, and building partnerships among members of the Platform and between RSOOs and States and industry.

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