Supporting Strategies — Legal and External Relations Services — Implementation of Article 21

Implementation of Article 21


The Task Force on the Implementation of Article 21 of the Chicago Convention (A21TF) held its second meeting in Montréal from 10 to 11 April 2018. Following its deliberations, the Task Force agreed to recommend to the Legal Committee to support the ongoing work of the Secretariat in the development of the Aircraft Registration Network (ARN) as a possible long-term solution to assist Member States to fulfil their obligations under Article 21. Pursuant to the foregoing, the Task Force established the Aircraft Registration Network Subgroup (ARNSG) to assist the Secretariat in the development of the ARN. As an interim solution, the Task Force further agreed to recommend a model certificate of de-registration of aircraft, which was, in principle, endorsed by the Legal Committee. The Task Force underlined the need to work collaboratively with other relevant bodies in ICAO, such as the Cross-Border Transferability (XBT) Task Force and the Airworthiness Panel.

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