Emerging Aviation Issues — Cybersecurity



Resolution A39-19 — Addressing cybersecurity in civil aviation sets out the actions to be undertaken by States and other stakeholders to counter cyber threats to civil aviation through a cross-cutting, horizontal and collaborative approach.


Furthermore, the 39th Session of the Assembly instructed ICAO to lead and seek to attain a comprehensive cybersecurity work plan and governance structure with all relevant stakeholders. To that end, ICAO has established the Secretariat Study Group on Cybersecurity (SSGC) under the leadership of the Deputy Director, Aviation Security and Facilitation. The SSGC has met five times and established a research subgroup on legal aspects, as well as working groups on aerodromes, airworthiness, and current and future air navigation systems. The working groups show considerable progress in their deliberations in identifying issues related to cybersecurity and the development of appropriate recommendations on how to address these issues. The work of the SSGC, including its working groups, comprises the development of a draft cybersecurity strategy and development of important mechanisms for the sharing and exchange of relevant cybersecurity information. Furthermore, the SSGC has begun work on a data-driven risk management methodology across functional domains, incorporating various technologies of data collection and fusion.

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