Supporting Strategies — Corporate Performance — Results-based Management and the ICAO Business Plan 2017 — 2019

Results-based Management and the ICAO Business Plan 2017 — 2019


During 2018, ICAO continued making significant progress in implementing a results-based management process. The ICAO Business Plan for this triennium (2017-2019) has been key to this transformational process. The Business Plan provides the framework and road map to implementing a results-based management approach that integrates strategy, resources, processes and measurements to improve decision-making, transparency and accountability. It is a live document that must be continuously adjusted to meet the changing needs of States and the global aviation community. Changes to relevant elements of the Business Plan, including the review of emerging aviation issues, the assessment and mitigation of internal and external risk factors, and the implementation of the Work Programme through the Operating Plan are monitored, updated and optimized by the Secretariat on an ongoing basis.


The Corporate Management and Reporting Tool (CMRT) became operational in 2017. The CMRT is a web-based system developed to manage the Business Plan and to report on the progress of implementation of the plan. It was designed to serve both the Council as well as the Secretariat. The CMRT contains all relevant information pertaining to Organization-wide performance, including the corporate risk register, performance measurements related to Corporate Key Performance Indicators (CKPIs), programmatic status and the progress in implementing Council Decisions and Assembly Decisions and Resolutions.


The functionality of the CMRT was expanded during 2018 to include performance dashboards that graphically indicate the performance of the Organization against the CKPIs as established by the Council. The CKPIs form an integral part of the Organization’s business planning process and constitute the highest level of desired outcomes outlined in the ICAO Business Plan. The CKPIs are intended to measure both ICAO’s internal performance and efficiency with respect to core Supporting Strategies, as well as ICAO’s effectiveness in terms of Safety, Air Navigation Capacity and Efficiency, Security and Facilitation, the Economic Development of Air Transport and Environmental Protection. The CKPIs can now be tracked through two types of dashboards: dashboards showing annual performance against the CKPI targets, and dashboards showing the performance trends over the past five years.


Measurements against the CKPIs are updated on a periodic basis and are made available to the Council on the CMRT, as soon as the updates are made. These measurements provide an important tool for the Organization to evaluate and adjust its work programmes based upon system performance, and also form an essential component of the Organization’s results-based management framework.

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