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GAT activities


Assessments and recognition of Training Organizations


TRAINAIR PLUS Programme (TPP) assessments provide a clear and independent view of a training organization’s operations, and highlight critical areas requiring improvements.






Course Development and Training Methodology


New ICAO Training Packages (ITPs)


Three new ICAO-developed courses were launched by GAT.


The Managing Aviation Training Intelligence (MATI) course aims to broaden the management approach of Civil Aviation Training Centre (CATC) managers to practice decision-making based on all available aviation training intelligence.


The Aviation Data-driven Decision-Making (AD3M) Programme consists of two parts, a prerequisite online course to explore the fundamental concepts behind data-driven decision-making, followed by a classroom course on how to apply the concepts to practical scenarios and real-life situations.


Two Regional Training Centres of Excellence (RTCE) ITPs (ATM Incident Investigation Techniques and Apron Markings Management) were developed in 2018.


Standardized Training Packages (STPs)


Thirty-one STPs were developed in 2018.


Training Programme Implementation


ICAO recognized training courses


Thirty-six new ICAO-recognized training courses have been integrated into the ICAO Training Catalogue.


Participation of trainees in ICAO courses




Training at ICAO Regional Offices


In 2018, the ICAO International Air Law Course was delivered to over 150 trainees.


Partnership Training Packages (PTP)


Two PTPs were implemented:


  • Management of Airport Security, developed in partnership with Airports Council International (ACI); and

  • Fundamentals of the Air Transport System, developed in partnership with the University of Waterloo.


Automated course evaluation


Through the TRAINAIR PLUS Electronic Management System (TPEMS), GAT has launched an automated training evaluation process for the course delivery evaluation of all ITPs. This greatly reduces the workload of instructors for course delivery, and enhances the validity and reliability of training evaluation.


Post-Training Evaluation (PTE)


The PTE methodology was applied to ten ITPs in 2018.


Guidelines for the development of online courses


These guidelines set forth the objectives, standards and requirements, examples and best practices, related to ICAO-recognized online courses. Their introduction will effectively support TPP Members in developing online courses.


Training Needs Analysis


The Training Needs Analysis (TNA) tool was disseminated to States and TPP Members to assess training needs and improve training planning in aviation.




Training Partnerships


Nanyang Technological University


ICAO and Nanyang Technological University’s signing of a Corporate Partnership will support the development and delivery of aviation and air transport management programmes. A specific agreement has been reached to implement the delivery of the ICAO Aviation Data-driven Decision-Making (AD3M) Course. The AD3M Course explores the fundamental concepts behind data-driven decision-making and prioritization, enabling trainees to apply these concepts to practical scenarios and real-life situations.


China Training Project


The Government of the People’s Republic of China funded a grant of USD 2 million to develop and deliver the Civil Aviation Authority Senior and Middle Managers Training Course (CAA SMMTC), entitled Managing Compliance with ICAO SARPs. The course aims to enhance the skills of senior and middle management of CAAs, in order to effectively manage the implementation of ICAO SARPs related to the areas of safety, air navigation, security and facilitation.


The project was concluded in 2018 within time and budget, and exceeded target expectation of 500 scholarships and 20 sessions. A total of 541 applicants from over 90 States and five regional safety oversight organizations (RSOOs) have been awarded scholarships through 21 sessions.


ANB activities


The Tenth Training Meeting for Regional Officers (TRAINRO/10) took place at ICAO Headquarters from 2 to 8 October 2018. This training programme supports the regional offices in maintaining currency in the air navigation and safety fields. It also provides training to officers to complement their technical competencies. TRAINRO/10 focused on air traffic management (ATM) issues.


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