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Next Generation of Aviation Professionals 


During 2018, ICAO established an internal NGAP Coordination Board as a mechanism for coordinating NGAP activities across ICAO Bureaus. The first edition of an ICAO on-line Journal, the ICAO NGAP Scientific Review: Analytics and Management Research, was also published in an effort to encourage young researchers, direct new research towards ICAO Strategic Objectives and to advance and disseminate civil aviation research. In Shenzhen, China, the Second NGAP Global Summit was convened with over 1 000 participants from 32 Member States and 12 international organizations. A Model ICAO Forum, attended by nearly 200 international and domestic students, was held in parallel with the Global Summit. The establishment this year of “ALICANTO” (the International Association of Aviation and Aerospace Education), in which ICAO was instrumental, will facilitate increased engagement of universities with the NGAP programme into the future.

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