Implementation Support — Human Resources Development — Ethics



Ten ethics workshops and seven ethics briefings were conducted. Over 80 per cent of workshop participants reported that overall they:


  • were satisfied with the course;
  • would recommend the course to someone else; and
  • felt that the course was relevant to their learning needs and that the knowledge/competencies acquired during the course could be readily applied to their work.


One hundred and four (104) staff have completed the online ethics course and 36 have completed the online ethics in leadership course.


In addition, the Secretary General approved implementation of a UN system-wide training programme on diversity, which was implemented by the ICAO Administration Bureau.


Advisory Services


Sixty-eight (68) staff members received advice and guidance in one-on-one meetings.


Policy Guidance


Guidance to the Secretary General covered outside activities, the acceptance of gifts, honours and remuneration, as well as on the prevention of sexual abuse and exploitation.


The Ethics Officer was designated by the Secretary General to represent ICAO on the United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB) task force on Addressing Sexual Harassment within the organizations of the United Nations system. The Ethics Officer participated in seven CEB task force meetings and compiled responses to system wide surveys on sexual harassment allegations.


The Ethics Officer provided substantive support to the Secretariat in its response to enquiries related to a review of the Ethics Framework. The Ethics Officer produced guidance for staff on the internal justice system and appeal mechanisms, conflicts of interest and outside activities and managing allegations of sexual harassment. ADB participated in a global UN survey on behalf of ICAO on the nature and extent of sexual harassment and efficacy of institutional responses to the same.


Financial Disclosure


One hundred per cent of eligible staff complied with financial disclosure requirements. An automated reminder system has been established to facilitate future compliance.


Outreach and Prevention


The Ethics Office intranet page now includes a range of multimedia tools to communicate the rules and values of the Organization and dedicated pages on diversity and inclusion, promoting a positive workplace, gender equality, training, the UN internal justice system and sexual harassment. A video statement by the Secretary General and poster on sexual harassment was also released.


Investigation Committee


The Council, at the 11th meeting of its 214th Session, established the Investigations Committee with the mandate to decide whether to initiate an investigation into reports or allegations of misconduct by a staff member. The Secretary General obtained assistance from the UN Secretariat Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) for the provision of an independent professional investigator to participate in the Committee. In December 2018, ICAO Committee members (including the alternate for Legal Bureau), met and agreed upon draft guidelines for the operation of the Investigations Committee.




Sixteen informal allegations/complaints were received. All matters were dealt with informally through the provision of guidance and referral to the Ombudsperson and Human Resources.


The Ethics Officer received 20 formal allegations of misconduct. Disposal of cases:


  • 4 closed due to insufficient evidence.
  • 4 referred for informal resolution.
  • 1 currently under investigation.
  • 1 closed after being referred for investigation, because the staff member resigned.
  • 6 are under assessment by the Ethics Officer.
  • 4 were referred for investigation, for which a decision from the Investigation Committee is pending.
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